LTE: Dick McCormack, Alison Clarkson, and Becca White

Dear Editor,


We, the newly elected Windsor District senators, write to thank the people for the trust you’ve expressed with your votes. We’re grateful for the many forms of support we received from Democratic volunteers. We’re proud that our contest with our opponents was civil and mutually respectful. To be trusted to write the law and to spend other people’s money is flattering but humbling. We promise to do our best to be worthy.

We’ll be working, across party lines when possible, on demanding issues like public health, including the details of protecting reproductive liberty, the deepening addiction epidemic, mental health, and the long-term effects of the pandemic (inflation, the worker shortage, loss of school time, and continuing threats of infection). We’ll continue to address public safety including reasonable gun safety. We’ll work to address the economic pressures facing Vermont families: affordable housing, health care, and childcare, and more equitably available telecommunications. We refuse to let inclusion and equity become “last year’s issue.” We recognize that, as important as this list is, all of our efforts are moot unless we respond adequately to the overarching existential issue of Global Warming.

To properly represent you, we need to hear from you. Please stay in touch. And, again, thank you.



Senator Dick McCormack (

Senator Alison Clarkson (

Representative/Senator-Elect Becca White (

Windsor District, Vt.

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