LTE: Coppice Thicket on the beauty of writing

Dear Editor,


Writing has been a lifelong passion of mine. I find that placing active thought on paper is rewarding, rewarding in the sense that it provides the means for visualizing one’s innermost aspirations. Our Founding Fathers would certainly agree. The Declaration of Independence is a prime example.

But writing is the ultimate holistic form of communication. Every word may be insignificant when unattended, but when sequenced, they tell wonderful stories. Not only that, the craftily written sentence paints a vivid picture for the recipient’s understanding and enjoyment.

An example is in order: A Nor’easter was in its full raging fury as I stepped out onto the brine washed-deck. “This is no place to be right now,” I mumbled to myself. Instinctively, I grabbed the stanchion, only to realize my folly. In my false sense of security, its corroded base had broken free! Horror flushed over my very being as deleterious waves of cold grey Atlantic finished the job and swept me overboard.

A writing instructor once told me, “Show, don’t tell.” And that is the basis of a good story. A picture painted with descriptive words and timely punctuation. Writing is a form of art that is accessible to all of us.

I challenge readers to renew vibrancy in future correspondence and  place emphasis on the written word. We can continue this “conversation” if you are interested. How about it?



Coppice Thicket

Alstead, N.H.

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