LTE: Char Osterlund on Mary Krueger for Schoolboard

Dear Editor,


I endorse Mary Krueger for a seat on the Springfield School Board. I have known Mary for almost a year and have seen her in action.

Mary Krueger is a good listener, analyzes what has been said, and responds in an intelligent manner. She is a good thinker. She is respectful, but also has the courage of a lion. Mary does her homework.

In her professional life, Mary is a lawyer who advocates for families. She will bring that training and empathy to the school board if elected. She will continue to listen to families and their concerns. Mary has the training and experience required for reading legal documents, a definite asset for a school director.

Mary Krueger gets involved in the community. She is the parent of a sixth-grade student, has served on the Springfield School District PTA, and as a girl scout leader. Mary attends school board meetings regularly, so she is familiar with the concerns and issues. She can hit the ground running.

Mary Krueger understands how great schools and great communities go hand in hand. She gets it that we need good schools to attract people and businesses to Springfield.

Mary Krueger does not have a personal or political agenda to bring to the school board. She will serve the community and work to make our schools the best they can be.

Mary Krueger participated in the school budget process this year as an involved parent. She will proudly vote yes for the budget, because a yes for the budget affirms a commitment to our school district. Mary understands students do not feel valued when a school budget is voted down. Mary understands a school director’s job is to promote the budget they agreed upon.

Perhaps Mary Krueger’s shining star is that she understands the math behind the school budget and can explain it simply.

Please vote for Mary Krueger. For more information you can contact Mary at or look her up on Facebook: @mary4schoolvt.



Char Osterlund

Springfield, Vt.

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