LTE Another year in Bellows Falls

Dear Editor,


Another year has come and gone. Remembering the past while walking forward, with renewed vigor, into the future. Leaving behind the remaining cobwebs of Covid, we knit our new garment of connectedness from the things we have learned in hardship. With fresh eyes on our community of Bellows Falls, we view public safety, finding the dropped stitches of those who are not technologically connected. We remind ourselves that the tools of our forebears worked for many generations to keep us all safe. A renewed lens of inclusion for all residents, both existing and new, reminds us our future kindnesses pay dividends that carry us beyond ourselves.

Plans were made last year for new trails to be forged in 2023, to create opportunities for all to explore the beauty of our village and beyond. There will be improved operations of the sludge dryer program, very successfully operated, to better distribute biosolids and reduce production time for our operators. I have hopes for many projects to lighten our carbon footprint. A schedule of improvement has been slated for the police department by way of recruitment of staff and technology upgrades, to allow staff to perform optimally. So many other projects, large and small, were planned in 2022 that will benefit us all. I greatly appreciate the hard work of all village departments.

We are continually learning how better to use our resources and care for our community. Community outreach last year on our gift of ARPA funding, the return of the Bellows Falls Trustees Annual Barbeque, and the continuance of hybrid regular meetings increase opportunities for Bellows Falls residents to weigh in, listen, and stay abreast of community changes. I personally appreciate the additional transparency on municipal affairs. It keeps me sharp and on top of my game. I welcome all input.

Thank you for your love of Bellows Falls.



Deborah Wright

Bellows Falls Village President

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