Wishing students and teachers a happy school year

Dear Editor,

September is one of my favorite months. I like the light in September, and I love the sunny days and the chilly evenings, a respite from hot summer nights. I like September because I have always associated it with new beginnings.

I liked school when I was a kid. I loved getting back to school in September to see everyone I did not see during the summer. I loved getting my new school supplies, and shopping with my mom for the dress I would wear on the first day of school. And I can remember the first notebooks of the year. I always vowed to keep them neat and tidy and to use only my best handwriting. September was a fresh start with the only anxiety being afraid that I would not like my new teacher.

As a teacher I liked the new beginning as well. Everything would be neat and tidy. I looked forward to trying new ideas out in the classroom, and I looked forward to meeting my new students, always wondering what they would be like.

There were a couple of years, however, that I dreaded going back to school. They were the years we had a principal that had a temper, who would lash out at folks, and was unpredictable. Teachers knew whom he liked and whom he disliked.

I wish all the students and all the teachers in the Springfield School District a very good school year. It is my hope that no one has to dread going to school in the morning, and that our leadership ensures that respect is the norm at all the schools in the district.


Char Osterlund

Springfield, Vt.

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