Wayne Townsend for Senate

Dear Editor,

I’m writing to thank all of my supporters all through Windsor County. I’m thankful to have met and have wonderful people beside me through this race for the Vermont State Senate. I look forward to meeting many more great people in Windsor County.

Just to say a little about who I am. I was born right here in Vermont. I grew up on a dairy farm in Bethel. I even owned my own herd of cows, which I farmed for five years until low milk prices pushed me back to forestry – which I enjoy doing, although. I have worked for myself for most of my life. I did work in sales for a couple of years.

I never thought I would consider running for office. However, from watching so many people struggle with high taxes to the point where I have seen friends have to sell their homes because they can’t afford the taxes, and the fact that we don’t have much opportunity here in Vermont for our children and future generations, I decided to run. Also, the school mergers that have taken place have left us with many mixed feelings. Now, my daughter will not have the opportunity to graduate from the same school her siblings graduated from. After talking to so many people throughout Vermont, I’m not the only person saddened by Act 46. I feel that policy should be looked at and thought through more passionately, seeing how it effects so many of us. I feel common sense would go a long-ways in Montpelier.

The carbon tax that is being talked about, and I believe is in the works, S.284, I believe is being sponsored by one of our sitting senators. I’m not much for attacking the ones I’m running against so I’m trying not to single anyone out. However, I have seen it floating around on the internet so it should be easy to find. The carbon tax would drive up fuel costs and gas prices, which would cost all of us more to get to work. And higher fuel costs means it costs more to get and ship things. So, it would drive up costs on many things, and I don’t believe it would make a bit of difference on our carbon footprint: we are still going to drive to work and heat our homes. So my vote on the carbon tax will be a “No.”

As a hunter, I feel some of the same frustrations over S.55. Hunting and sportsmanship is a way of life for so many of us here in Vermont. So, protecting those rights will be something I will stand strong on. However, safety for our children is something I take very seriously. I feel there were other steps we could have taken that would be more effective than taking law-abiding citizens’ rights away. Mental health help for people who could be a threat, and how we teach our children at home and in our schools, would go a long-ways. Try working together instead of being so divided. We are all in this together. We could accomplish so much more by being respectful to one another and considerate of one another’s thoughts and feelings. Work together and compromise where we can.

I feel that by talking to more people on an issue will bring more thoughts, ideas, and answers to the table. If you elect me, I want to hear from my voters on any issue because I am working for you. I’m only doing this to try to make this state a better place for all of us. We all want better living for our children and future generations to come. So, I say, let’s start working together to put Vermont back on top. Make Vermont more affordable and bring more opportunity here.

I have many ideas and other issues that are on my mind. However, I can only go on for so long, and take up so much space in this here paper. If there is any issue you would like to know about how I stand on, feel free to contact me. I enjoy hearing from you; it’s no bother, I’m happy to hear from you. I like the thoughts and ideas of so many of you. I am working for you.

My phone number is 802-417-9947. I need your votes to get there so please vote for Wayne Townsend for Windsor County, State Senate.


Wayne Townsend

Bethel, Vt.

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