Universal Health Care or Medicare for All?

Dear Editor,

While on a cruise last week, I met a nice Canadian couple. The man was a 50-year-old firefighter from Montreal. I did not happen to catch his wife’s occupation.

We had a conversation about sales tax, which they brought up. Theirs is around 13% and ours in Vermont is around 6%. The higher sales and other taxes in Canada are caused by the Universal Health Care that all Canadian citizens have.

They told me that they loved their health care system. They also admitted that, yes, sometimes there was a long wait to get treatment. I am certainly no expert about all of this, but I got to thinking:

1. I have often waited a long time for a medical appointment here in the good old USA

2. Also, if our sales taxes went up, all people, even uninsured ones, buying expensive iPhones or other items would indirectly contribute to the cost of Universal Health Care – I think that you all can get the point that I’m trying to make here. And yes, I still use a flip cellphone! Unfortunately, New Hampshire would have to start collecting sales taxes.

Personally, I would welcome higher taxes instead of the high health care premiums, co-pays, co-insurance, and drug costs that I am paying right now!

3. I realize some will complain “that the quality of our health care will diminish.” But I feel that it already has because of our current profit-based medical insurance companies.

Most Americans have not made a final decision regarding Universal Health Care because a clear explanation of how it would work has not yet been revealed. I am also one of those people who just doesn’t know enough yet. I do know, however, that a change is needed here, and that the Canadian couple I met on the ship love their Universal Health Care.


Linda Brown

Springfield, Vt.

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