The Electoral College and the Voter Interstate Compact

Dear Editor,

This year, Sen. Bernie Sanders has a good shot at being the Democrat nominee for president. His opponent is most likely Donald J. Trump. Under the Electoral College, Vermont has two votes. Since Bernie will win Vermont with at least 65% of the vote, he will get both our electoral votes, but this may change in the future if the Electoral College is undermined by the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact.

Our Vermont Legislature voted to join this compact. Under this compact, our votes in Vermont will go to whoever gets the majority vote across the country. So if the compact was in effect for the 2020 election and Donald J. Trump got the majority of votes against Bernie Sanders in the national election, our two Electoral College votes would go to Donald J. Trump. Your vote would count for Donald J. Trump. Yes, your legislators took away your right to have your vote count for the candidate you chose.

The Electoral College was created to protect smaller populated states such as Vermont from the larger states. Without it, there would be no country. Without it, we would be told what to do by a group of a few populated city-states. This is why we are a republic, a country of United – but individual – States. Not a democracy where the majority rules.

In Windsor County, our senators and representatives voted to take away our vote. Did yours? Chances are the answer is yes.


Gerald R. Mittica

Springfield, Vt.

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