The condition of Route 103

Dear Editor,

During the summer and fall of 2018, I watched in amazement and wonder at the haphazard manner in which Pike Industries approached the repaving of Route 103. I do not know who planned that exercise in futility as the paving process leaped frog over the entire route.

It ended in late fall, after our first snow, with a thin pavement process on the route as it approached Route 7.

Today, I drove from Ludlow to Rutland over Route 103. It was covered with numerous places where the new pavement had been removed, where there were no visible lines defining lane separations, and spots where three lanes – as indicated by road signs and past experience – were totally undefined.

I am familiar with the road so I could guess were the lanes were. A visitor would have no idea as to whether the road was comprised of two or three lanes.

I am not a lawyer or an engineer but it doesn’t take one to realize the liability exposure the state – and I as a taxpayer – would face as a result of an accident resulting from the lack of lane definition.

Additionally, I would like to know who planned this paving fiasco, what it cost, and how it will be remedied this year – and the cost of such remedy.


Ralph Pace

Ludlow, Vt.

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