Thank you to Springfield Hospital

Dear Editor,

Recently, I was hospitalized at the Springfield Hospital for Covid-19 and pneumonia. It was a frightening time for me, and the several days I was there were very difficult. I am writing this letter not to share any more of that, but to make sure that people know the wonderful and caring treatment I received at Springfield Hospital.

Over the years, I have heard on more than one occasion people say negative remarks about Springfield Hospital and the services they had received there. I have never experienced that in all the years I have had to utilize their services from a bad cough to knee replacement!

This latest experience has certainly sealed my opinion in stone. From the head doctors to the dietitians, to the ladies and gentlemen who cleaned my room, there was nothing but consideration and attention, but it was the nurses – those wonderful, gentle, knowledgeable nurses who answered my bell within moments and calmed my fears and dealt with all my issues – who will always stand out in my thoughts and memories. Their words got me through some pretty dark nights.

Now I am certainly aware that other hospitals and other staffs and other patients have all experienced and been given the same care and treatment, but I want people to know that this little hospital in that little town that occasionally has been besmirched is, in my opinion, a haven of top-notch, professional, hardworking, caring people who brought me through a hard and scary time.

The day they opened the door and came in without some of their gear on was one of the happiest days I can remember.

I rode home on Golden Cross Transport, and I send a tremendous “thank you” also for the trip to the hospital in the ambulance with the EMTs. We are so lucky for the services we have!

Thank all of you at Springfield Hospital!


Cathy Bergmann

Healthy and well in Bellows Falls, Vt.

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