Thank you to the Thrifty Attic

Dear Editor,

All of the residents, staff, and Board Members would like to thank the Thrifty Attic for our 2017 grant we just received. They were kind enough to grant us all of our requests this year with $706. This will include a new bingo game and accessories, a combination DVD/VCR player, Bluetooth speakers for our Kindles, and a Robo Fish water activity. All of these items will enhance the every day lives of our residents.

The Thrifty Attic has been kind to us for many years. In the past, they’ve helped us with purchasing a new dishwasher and a new whirlpool tub. They are a marvelous organization. We are very grateful for them and their generosity.


Theresa Southworth, administrator

Gills Odd Fellows Home

Ludlow, Vt.

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