Thank you for attending our Weatherize program

Dear Editor,

On behalf of the Springfield Energy Committee, our Chester volunteers, and Vital Communities, I would like to say a resounding thank you to the 20-some folks who braved frigid weather to attend the Weatherize event at the First Congregational Church in Springfield Jan. 25. I would also like to thank the local media for helping us get the word out to everyone.

I am sure every person in this town who is involved in organizing events knows the vital role our weekly newspapers and SAPA TV play in promoting our various causes. I would be remiss if I did not thank the area churches, Lt. Fountain, and local organizations for their help as well.

What is Weatherize? It is a program designed to encourage Vermonters to seal and insulate their homes. This makes your house warmer, saves money on your heating bill, and reduces your energy use. Participating contractors will give a free energy audit and estimate.

You can then decide if you want to make improvements and which ones to make, if not all of them. Once the work is completed, participants qualify for rebates, and if they sign a contract by May 31 are entered to win a $500 rebate. Local volunteers and Vital Communities will ensure that the process works smoothly. The Weatherize Campaign runs through March 31.

Be warm, save money, save energy. Too good to be missed! For more information go to or contact Char Osterlund at

Thank you,

Char Osterlund

Co-coordinator, Springfield Energy Committee

Springfield, Vt.

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