Taxpayers take back Vermont

Dear Editor,

Michael Jasinski
Michael Jasinski. Photo provided

I am Michael Jasinski Sr. life long resident of Springfield, Vt. I am excited to announce that I am running for Windsor County Senate, Republican candidate.

My wife Carol and I raised five children together. Throughout my employment career, I worked my way up the ladder ending up as a packaging systems manager and sales engineer. My experiences interacting with all walks of life has given me understanding of people’s needs and feelings.

My campaign will focus on a common sense approach to efficient and effective government. I’m running for senate because I believe that the people of Windsor County deserve sincere, transparent, and effective government. As I campaign across Windsor County, I look forward to hearing from voters to better understand their thoughts and concerns. I believe we need a results-oriented person who cares about keeping companies from leaving Vermont as well as providing an incentive for companies to come to Vermont. Without companies, there are no jobs.

I believe Windsor County residents are sick and tired of paying higher taxes both direct and indirect. If elected, I will work hard to protect taxpayers, improve how Vermont government works for the middle class, and help attract new business and high-quality jobs in our state.

In the coming weeks, I will have a website up and operational. Please feel free to visit

If you would like to donate to my campaign, please make a check or money order payable to Michael Jasinski Sr. and kindly write in the memo area “for Senate Campaign.” Mail to 184 Parker Hill Rd. Springfield, VT 05156.

Looking forward to meeting you on the campaign trail.


Michael Jasinski Sr.

Springfield, Vt.

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