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Dear Editor,

Over the last three years, the Chester Brochure has become the premier marketing tool for Chester businesses and services. The addition of an online presence at MeetChesterVermont and on Facebook has significantly expanded our reach and the effectiveness of this effort.

Work is now underway on the 2018 brochure including:

  • Contacting local businesses for listings
  • Compiling local events for the calendar
  • Finding photos that highlight the vitality and diversity of our community
  • Enhancing the “Your Green Mountain Activity Hub” page

As this is a community brochure, we need your help in continuing the success of this tool. If you have any pictures that would enhance the brochure, if you have any community events that will help attract visitors to Chester, if you want your business listing in the brochure, or if you have any idea on how to improve the brochure, please contact the committee at


Chester Brochure Committee

Michele Bargfrede

William Dakin

Steven Davis

Dave Nanfeldt

Rick Paterno

Julie Pollard

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