Solving the raw sewage problem

Dear Editor,

I hope that everyone enjoyed our celebration of independence and freedom from our former controlling monarchy motherland, Britain. We must eternally thank our Founding Fathers and armed citizens who fought against the odds for our freedom. We must never disregard our founding documents or the foundation of our country. The Constitutions were written for the people to control and limit the government, not for the government to limit and control the people.

With the hot summer upon us, I would like to bring attention to our water quality. Many of you may be heading to your local swimming hole, but please use caution. The E. coli levels in many of our swimming areas are double the safe limit for swimming. The blue green algae are on the bloom in Champlain. Vermont, a state that promotes its “greenness” with windmills and solar panels filling our agricultural land, has seemed to have forgotten about clean, healthy water with millions of gallons of raw sewage pouring into our lakes and tributaries.

What steps have been taken by our legislators to solve the problem? The farmers are taking action by extending buffer zones and more friendly distribution of manure and fertilizer by injecting directly into the soil rather than spraying on top. The municipalities are taking little action to solve their known problem, mixing storm water with sewage.

It is a problem that there is a solution to, but action is not happening. An ever-so-minor step was made this year for funding this problem by having all of us pay for it. These guilty municipalities have known about this problem for years, if not decades, and have done nothing, now we all must pay?

I feel these municipalities need to be held responsible and pay for their lack of action; maybe they can host a prison and make a deal with the state like Springfield did?

Now is the time to take action. Don’t say you care about the environment and then dump millions of gallons of raw sewage into our waters.


Randy Gray

State Senate candidate

N. Springfield, Vt.

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