Shawn Orr for high bailiff of Windsor County

Dear Editor,

My name is Shawn Orr, and I am from Weston, Vt. I write this letter to announce my candidacy for high bailiff of Windsor County. I am excited to run for office to represent the people of Windsor County in the best way possible, as an independent.

Vermonters have a history of being represented by independents and third-party candidates. Bernie Sanders, State Rep. Pajala of the Windham-Bennington-Windsor district, and all the members of the Vermont Progressive Party are examples of independents working outside of the major parties.

While I understand this role is largely ceremonial, I believe it should be filled by a citizen that is impartial to Democrats or Republicans. Both parties have alienated the American people and the people of Windsor for too long. I am here to stop that.

As High Bailiff, my powers would rarely need to be executed, but if the time ever comes, I promise to be fair and impartial. Should the vacancy of the sheriff occur, I would delegate my powers to an officer of the law.

I have a B.A. in political science and government from Boston University and have years of experience managing my family business. In my spare time, I take care of my chickens and ducks, listen to the Grateful Dead, and ski with my sons. You can learn more about me and my campaign by visiting, or by going to my official Facebook page.

Thank you,

Shawn Orr

Weston, Vt.

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