Sen. Dick McCormack legislative report: Coping

Dear Editor,

I’ve hesitated to add to what some may find a confusing overload of information, but people want, need, and deserve facts. As important perhaps, people need to know that the people they’ve entrusted with responsibility are paying attention. The Legislature continues our work electronically. Many pending bills are on hold temporarily while we deal with the various COVID-19 issues.

Unsurprisingly, new COVID-19 related questions surface hourly, especially from small business owners, tipped employees, the self-employed, and parents. A colleague says, we’re building the plane while flying it. So at this time governmental answers are often tentative, abstract, and subject to change. That said, Senate President Tim Ashe has provided a list of contacts for information, which I’m passing on below.

Yesterday an old pal sent me a funny video. I realized I hadn’t laughed out loud for a long time. The best advice I’ve heard is to hope for the best, expect the likely, and prepare for the worst. Stay safe. Stay calm. And laugh sometimes.


Sen. Dick McCormack

Windsor County

Resources for Employees and Employers

For daily Department of Health updates including the number of individuals who have tested positive for COVID-19:

Education resources

For Local Officials on Open Meetings, Elections, and Public Records Guidance from the Secretary of State:

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