Rep. Nader Hashim endorses Mike Mrowicki, Michelle Bos-Lun

Dear Editor,

I am writing to formally endorse both Rep. Mike Mrowicki and candidate Michelle Bos-Lun as the state representatives for the Windham-4 District. Together, they would make an effective and well-balanced team.

During my two-year tenure working alongside Rep. Mrowicki, he has illustrated substantial institutional knowledge across the very broad spectrum that is the state of Vermont government. Whenever I had a question during my learning process, he either had an answer or he knew where to find the answer. He regularly showed that maintaining open, transparent, and dedicated lines of communication was essential for performing effective constituent work.

Rep. Mrowicki’s sincere and longstanding dedication to the people of Windham-4 shows in the work he performed on the Government Operations Committee; he has adequately represented our constituents as it relates to fostering transparency in government, addressing system racism, protecting our schools and education system, helping those who are less fortunate, and more. Rep. Mrowicki is also an active and participating member of the Climate Solutions Caucus; he takes addressing climate change seriously and will continue to do so. I know many of us in Windham-4 want to leave a clean and healthy environment for our kids and grandkids. I have full confidence that Rep. Mrowicki will continue those efforts to preserve our environment.

For the second seat in Windham-4, Michelle Bos-Lun will easily bring and reflect the values that voters want to see in our statehouse. I have known her for a few years and have no doubt that she has the work ethic that we want to see in the Vermont Legislature. Her significant focus on mental health issues, criminal justice reform, and systemic racism are of particular importance and I know that through her work and educational experiences, she will bring valuable insight and perspective to the legislature. Michelle shows not only through her words, but through her professional and volunteer work she performs in our communities, that she cares about those who are marginalized. As a teacher and co-director of a nonprofit educational foundation, she recognizes the importance of education and equity for all. I have full faith that she will be a strong voice for our district.

The role of being a state representative is no easy task. That is why I believe Mike and Michelle will make a worthy team that will effectively represent our district. I strongly urge residents in Windham-4 to support Mike Mrowicki and Michelle Bos-Lun with their vote in the Aug. 11 primary.


Rep. Nader Hashim

Dummerston, Vt.

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