Regarding the GMUSD Board’s school reopening procedures decision

Dear Editor,

I’m writing today in regards to the Green Mountain Union High School Board meeting that took place last Thursday night. At that meeting, all but one board member voted to delegate all authority for school reopening to the superintendent. With such an important decision as the school reopening procedures, why would the board delegate this decision to one person? This is a cop-out for all board members that voted to do this. Why won’t the board members do their job?

Before the vote was called board member Michael Studin voiced some valid concerns and proposed an amendment that parents decide if their kids should wear a mask. Although his ideas were squashed by the rest of the board, it demonstrated that board participation and discussion was needed.

My personal opinion is that masks should be optional for school reopening. More kids die from the flu than Covid. Masks do not protect against viruses. Bacteria grow in masks after a short time and can be harmful. Read the label from a box of masks at the pharmacy. It says, “Does not protect from viruses.”

My opinion is that forcing our children to wear masks is very detrimental. Children need to see other faces to relate socially and to develop correctly.

There’s a lot of (mis)information out there to sort through. I feel that the entire board should be reviewing this information and making a decision on this important topic.


Ken Saccardo

Ludlow, Vt.

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