Re: Lowell Lake overnight camping

Dear Editor,

I am in favor of renovating the cottages at Lowell Lake and returning them to overnight service. I am also in favor of the event barn. Lowell Lake is a manmade lake that has hosted visitors in its cottages and buildings from the 1880s through the 1980s. From 1980 on, after the retreat was unable to sustain itself, Londonderry has enjoyed its own personal private park at Lowell Lake, administered by the state of Vermont – but that is not the norm.

I have been lucky to live in South Londonderry since the 1980s and to raise my children here. As a family, we have gone on countless canoe trips on the lake and enjoyed hiking, snowshoeing, and skiing around the lake for years. I feel strongly that it is a special place that needs to be enjoyed and protected by all. The state’s plan does just that. It limits overnight stays to existing areas and preserves the natural beauty around the lake.

Since the 1980s, Londonderry has been in decline. Hotels and inns have closed, restaurants have closed, the school population has declined, and new construction is almost non-existent. We need new visitors to help slow or stop the decline, improve our tax base, and keep our town and school viable. Sharing our beautiful resource with the rest of the state as we did in the past is an excellent way to encourage people to come visit, spend their money here, and maybe even settle down here. It simply isn’t right, or smart, to keep Lowell Lake to ourselves by limiting parking and banning overnight use.

Returning Lowell Lake to overnight service is a good thing. It is good for our area and it is good for people who want to enjoy the natural beauty of Vermont.


Doug Friant

S. Londonderry, Vt.

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