Randy Gray to make run for state senate seat

Randy Gray
Randy Gray. Photo provided.

Dear Editor,

I am a 48-year-old Springfield native making a second effort to gain one of the Windsor District’s Vermont State Senate seats.

I am a Republican candidate and I identify as more of a right leaning centrist. I am a strong believer in the “original” Republican values: limited government intrusion, an individual’s freedom is necessary, free enterprise, Constitutional compliance, and fiscal responsibility.

I will focus mainly on Vermont’s economy and affordability, and the opiate issue. My economic plan includes reducing the business tax to 7 percent across the board, offering a tax-free start-up period; and working on alternatives to the sales tax. I will make a serious effort to bring a secondary vocational school to Windsor County. Increasing tax revenue by growing the workforce will, in turn, lessen the burden on all taxpayers. This in turn will have an effect on all of the state’s taxes and fees, making Vermont more affordable. Reducing the budget by charging the state government to operate more efficiently will have a positive effect as well. I oppose any form of a carbon tax.

I also have a plan to work toward solving the crippling drug issue. A multipronged plan starting with better prevention programs to stricter penalties for dealers. The slap on the wrist policy for dealers has to end. I also feel addicts need more opportunities for rehabilitation as part of the incarceration process through the Department of Corrections.

I extend an invitation to teachers who can offer me solutions to Vermont’s high education costs. I feel Act 46 should be repealed, the law designed to consolidate school districts, remove school choice and local control on a false pretense of lowering costs.

I encourage you to contact me via email at randygray4senate@gmail.com or see my full platform on my website, www.randygray4senate.us.


Randy Gray

N. Springfield

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