Praise for the Springfield School District staff

Dear Editor,

In a time of uncertainty surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, and on behalf of the school board, I would like to say thank you from the entire Springfield School Board.

The staff has worked tirelessly, collaborating together, to bring a sense of normalcy to the students of the district. The challenges faced by the district are unprecedented for our school district and other districts across the nation. From the top to the bottom, the Springfield organization has worked together to formulate and implement plans for food service and distance learning in a matter of days. The district is quickly solving problems to embrace social distancing and keep the community safe. The students’ wellbeing is at the forefront of the district’s decision-making process.

The district has developed a meal service plan that is available to all of our students. Each day, this meal service plan is improved upon. New distribution locations have been made available to reach all of the students across the town. These meals include a lunch, afternoon snack, and breakfast for the following day. Several members of the staff have taken it upon themselves to deliver meals to those who cannot reach the delivery locations.

The staff has also been working incredibly hard to develop a distance-learning platform for our students. The team has worked together to deploy laptops that were still at each school and distribute to the students. The availability of these laptops allows the school year to continue with the staff teaching remotely and the students connecting to teachers through their homes. This new routine will allow students to connect to their teachers, classmates, and other members of the staff. Contact to individual students and families in preparation of the distance-learning plan has taken place across nontraditional working hours and into the weekend.

Staff from each school has reached out to students to maintain connection and ensure that communications are received. A familiar voice on the phone during this time can help to ease stress and reaffirm that we are going to get through this crisis.

This board could not be more proud of the team we have in the Springfield School District. We have developed a strong team in Springfield and our future is bright. Please join us in thanking the district staff as we work through these challenges.


Troy Palmer, Chair

Mike Griffin, Vice Chair

Jeanice Garfield

Steve Karaffa

Patti Kemp

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