Pepper on Windsor County Assistant Judge

Dear Editor,


Assistant Judge Michael Ricci not winning his election bid to continue as one of our two County Assistant Judges is a real loss for the residents of Windsor County.

As Windsor County Clerk I have had the pleasure of working with Assistant Judge Michael Ricci for the past 15 months since Governor Phil Scott appointed him to the position.

He has done excellent work for the Windsor County residents, not only as an Assistant Judge in the court setting, but overseeing the county budget and buildings along with Assistant Judge Ellen Terie.

In the fall of 2021, Assistant Judge Jack Anderson decided to retire. Not knowing everything about the position, Michael Ricci learned more about what an Assistant Judge position entailed.

He decided to submit his name to the Windsor County Democratic Party for their consideration. His name was one of the names submitted to the Governor for his consideration and appointment.

He did not ask to be considered for the position out of boredom or just to have something to do to fill time. He submitted his name for consideration of the position because he wanted to give back to our community. I believe that our Governor made a good decision in appointing Michael Ricci to fill the vacated position.

I am sorry the residents of Windsor County didn’t follow Governor Scott’s choice and elect Michael Ricci for the next four-year term.

Assistant Judge Ricci is an intelligent and compassionate gentleman with a lot of energy who is well suited for the position. I am sure he uses these traits when collaborating with the Presiding Judges with whom he sits in Family and Civil Court.

Both of our county Assistant Judges have worked well together and have worked diligently to keep the county budget either level funded or to a minimal increase from year to year. Our county buildings have been managed well to keep them in good working order, especially during the pandemic.

I am sure a lot of Windsor County residents, probably most residents of Vermont, don’t really know what the Assistant Judges in each county do. In the future, it may be a good thing to learn more about this position and just how important it is to the residents of Windsor County.

I think most people just vote their party line, which doesn’t always mean you get the best person(s) for the position. I certainly feel in Windsor County that just may be the case in this most recent election on Nov. 8, 2022.



Pepper Tepperman

Plymouth, Vt.

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