Pat Winburn for 2020 governor campaign

Dear Editor,

I’m running for governor to bring a much-needed outsider’s perspective to a fundamentally broken political system. We don’t need people with decades of Statehouse experience. We don’t need people who are beholden to PACs, lobbyists, or deep-pocketed influencers. We need people like you and me, who bring common sense solutions and real world experience. I’ve never been a legislator, commissioner, or political operative – and that’s why I’m the best person for the job. My friends are my neighbors in Bennington, my wife Kim, and my dog Alfie. I’m not running to be somebody because they think I already am somebody – and that’s good enough for me.

My name is Pat Winburn. You may have never heard of me, but I bet I’m a lot like you. I’m running for governor because health care should be universal, school lunches should be free, and Vermont should be a leader in combating climate change. Let’s work together to fight systemic racism and make sure every Vermonter has paid family leave and a $15 minimum wage. Let’s stop talking about doing things and actually get the job done!

If you agree with these ideas, I’d really appreciate your support. Please visit to learn more about my campaign. There are better days ahead!


Pat Winburn

Bennington, Vt.

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