My turn or take on politics

Dear Editor,

As a person who has observed state politics from the inside for the last 12 years, I would like to offer a few thoughts. I never planned to get involved in politics so I certainly did not have a personal agenda. We often hear about compromise when creating legislation, but there were times when I did not see much. I have concluded that no president or governor should ever be from the same political party as the majority of both bodies of Congress or the Legislature. Neither side should be able to control the whole debate.

I was not one to play political games, and when good amendments were offered, I was usually able to support them. There were times when a good idea was offered and the majority party asked for a delay in action so they could offer the same amendment the next day with their language in order to claim credit.

There certainly were some disappointments along the way. An independent contractors bill that came out of the Commerce Committee with a unanimous vote many times was never finalized. It is difficult to understand when so much work is put into many bills that die when the state employees and teachers’ unions do not agree. They have many opportunities for input.

Even the passage of marijuana took many turns when the governor who vetoed the spring of 2017 version agreed to sign the bill last January that still did not address his, or our, concerns about driving under the influence and the exposure to second-hand smoke.

Probably my greatest disappointment came when I saw people I respected vote for a marijuana bill without the safeguards in place to protect the public from unsafe drivers and our children from second-hand smoke.

Well, I could go on a lot more, but will keep it short knowing that others will carry on and also try to do their best. See you around the area.


Dennis Devereux

Mount Holly, Vt.

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