My son-in-law is a tightwad

Dear Editor,

Jeff Chase is running for a seat on the Mount Holly Selectboard. He is my son-in-law so I might be a little biased in his favor. No, I’m a lot biased in his favor, but I have reason to be.

I could say a lot of nice stuff about Jeff, like how he’s a tightwad with money (more about that later), but instead I’m going to talk about why Jeff is running for a seat on the Selectboard. In the more than 10 years that Jeff and my daughter have lived in Mount Holly, Jeff has worked on major community enhancement projects throughout the state, including right here in Mount Holly in 2015 when he oversaw the rebuilding of the Star Lake dam. He also oversaw the recent two-year Route 7 reconstruction project in Brandon that has transformed the town’s business district. (If you were stuck in traffic in Brandon while that project was happening, you know how large and complicated a $20 million project can be.)

Jeff is running to be on the Selectboard because he has a passion for supporting community projects and operations and has the expertise to support that passion. Last year, in his own backyard, Jeff rebuilt that old green cider press that has been the focus of Mount Holly’s Cider Days celebration for many decades, and now will continue to be for decades to come.

Jeff is a civil engineer. His work as senior engineer and project manager for Casella Construction in Mendon has involved him in: major project planning and execution; budgeting for large and small projects; working with state of Vermont regulatory agencies; working with local town governments; securing funding from state agencies; working on community improvement projects throughout Rutland County and the state of Vermont; working with diverse groups of local citizens.

His wife teaches at the Mount Holly School and his children are in class there. He has worked on various community projects at the school. He is a tightwad with money.

Okay, maybe that last attribute is a bit harsh, but from experience I know that Jeff doesn’t spend a dime if he doesn’t have to. But, doesn’t that put him in good stead for working in town government where preserving taxpayer dollars is everything? As a member of the Mount Holly Board, he would work with the other board members and the public to make sure that no money is spent that doesn’t need to be spent. It’s his goal to be sure that Mount Holly stays affordable for everyone while at the same time preserving those rural qualities that make the town a wonderful place to live.

So, see you at the Town Office polling station March 3. Jeff will be there, standing outside in the hopefully not too cold March weather. If you haven’t met him yet, stop by and say hello.


Craig Tomkinson

Mount Holly, Vt.

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