A minor should not run for governor

Dear Editor,

The selection of major party candidates for the primary election in August is now posted at the Vermont Secretary of State’s website, search “2018 candidate listing” at www.sec.state.vt.us.

Please look closely at the list of Democratic Party candidates for governor of Vermont. There are quite a few to choose from. Can you tell from this list, which one is a 14-year-old minor boy child?

I sent an email letter of objection to allowing a minor child on the ballot to Vermont Attorney General TJ Donovan in early April and he did not respond. I sent a certified return

receipt letter in the U.S. Mail in mid-May to the Honorable U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions in Washington, D.C., along with 19 pages of my emails to Mr. Donovan and to-and-from local Representative Tom Bock, Secretary of State Jim Condos, and Ethics Commissioner Brian Leven, objecting to this child being allowed on the ballot; and Mr. Sessions has not responded.

The basis of my complaint is that:

1. Voters cannot tell from the ballot – which will be paid for by taxpayer dollars – for the primary election in August, which candidate is a 14-year-old.

2. Under state and federal laws, a 14-year-old minor child cannot work a full time job, and the office of governor is a full time job.

3. Cigarette packs have a warning label, so shouldn’t the primary election ballot in August have a warning label included to warn and inform voters which candidate is the minor child, and that if they vote for the minor child, they will be disenfranchised because the child can not hold office if elected?

4. In Hollywood, children cannot work under hot television lights, but for a few minutes at a time, and scenes are edited together. In a televised debate with other Democratic Party candidates, this child could be under hot TV lights for 90 minutes, and does that violate federal labor code health & safety code violations?

Yesterday at Springfield recycling, a woman said to me while pointing at her son, “If he was elected governor of Vermont, and there had to be a meeting for a highway construction project, he might have to say he can’t go because his Mom gave him a ‘time-out.'”

Remember, a 14-year-old child’s brain is not fully developed. A 14-year-old can not process the stimulation and excitement of an adrenaline rush, which might be felt after each live televised 90-minute debate.

Many children in Hollywood have careers at age 14, but then little boys have growth spurts and their voices get deeper and they are no longer “cute.” Far too many end up losing their “fame” and looking to drugs and alcohol for an alternative adrenaline rush.

Child labor laws were put into effect so that the United States would not be like China and other communist countries and dictatorships where children are sent to work in sweat shop factories and mines.

It’s your vote. It’s up to you now.


Cris Ericson

Chester, Vt.

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