McCormack endorses David Zuckerman for governor

Dear Editor,

I’ve worked well with both Lieutenant Governor David Zuckerman and Gov. Phil Scott for years. I’m proud to have been a part of Vermont’s tri-partisan response to Covid-19. I like and respect both leaders. It is in this context that I’ll be voting for Dave Zuckerman for governor of Vermont.

Dave supports family leave and an increased minimum wage. He has long supported universal access to publicly financed healthcare. And he gets the importance of actually fighting global warming. These are not isolated positions. Dave has a long record of progressive, humane advocacy. He has long supported racial justice, women’s rights, prison reform, and economic justice. As a farmer, Dave has a strong personal understanding of agricultural issues.

As the Senate’s presiding officer, Dave has demonstrated fairness, competence, and the ability to work well with people of various values and opinions. But with his friendly, open willingness to work with others, Dave has never backed down when defending his deeply held progressive values of compassion and justice. I hope my neighbors will join me in voting early for David Zuckerman for governor.


Sen. Dick McCormack

Windsor County

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