LTE: Thank you for everything Edie Brown

Dear Editor,

I am writing in regards to news that I was told recently that my community is losing a very valuable person and asset of the community of Chester. Mrs. Edie Brown of Chester Depot will soon be moving out of state for retirement. She’s certainly earned her retirement above and beyond.

Edie has spent her life supporting and working programs that helped the poor. For years, she was a big part of our family center, yearly coat drive, and had a career in a surrounding town that helped elderly and disabled people to services that they may have not known about otherwise. She has worn many hats and never asked for or expected anything in return.

As a person of Chester and very familiar with all the good things Edie has done, if you see her soon before she leaves, please take time to let her know. She has done so much for Chester and underprivileged people, and she will be missed dearly.

This is a case of a valued citizen that lots of people in town won’t realize what they’re missing until it’s gone.

Farewell. Best wishes as always.


L.A. Naylor

Chester, Vt.

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