LTE Student misconduct at games

Dear Editor,

I would like to make the public and parents aware of how the matter was handled regarding the Feb. 3 Green Mountain Varsity Girls Basketball game versus Bellows Falls in Bellows Falls. Principal Broadley shared this information in a letter to me:

“Our Athletic Director interviewed the 21 students about this incident that we knew were at the game, and in that section of the crowd. The assistant principal spoke to the students about the countdown and we were able to ascertain that two young men started the countdown. They are not allowed in for the rest of the season. As to the unsportsmanlike countdown I apologize for that action. I also had our athletic director write a public apology to Green Mountain to acknowledge the incident and apologize. We were unable to track down those that were negative in comments they made. I hope that the action we took will have a positive impact on others for the future.”

Every school now has a bullying and harassment policy. The steps were taken, the boxes were checked, the school considers the matter over.

If you were a parent of any of the Green Mountain girls, would you be satisfied with this response?

Two boys were not allowed to attend games for the rest of the season. Since the season was over, is that a real consequence?

No one was held accountable for the hurtful things shouted at the girls during the game.

To the Bellows Falls parents, I hope that you have also spoken with your boys. These are the young men of the future. What kind of men do you want them to become? I hope you have daughters as well. Hopefully you will work with your sons to help them become men of whom we will all be proud.


Doris Jewett

Chester, Vt.

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