LTE: Regarding Red Bridge Road in Ludlow

Dear Editor,

We want to set the record straight. The Lake Rescue Association board is distressed and saddened by the contentious parking and lake access issues surrounding Red Bridge Road. These are issues between a few private homeowners and the town, and the LRA is not involved in any way whatsoever. Some people are under the impression that the Lake Rescue Association is involved in these issues. We are not.

We are a volunteer association whose mission is to maintain, restore, and ensure the future of Lakes Rescue and Pauline. Our members are locals and non-locals. We have no enforcement authority and simply work hard to keep the lakes healthy and safe for everyone to enjoy.

We believe the lakes are here for all of us, from local community members who have been visiting Red Bridge and the lakes for generations to second homeowners, visiting tourists, boaters, paddlers, swimmers, and fishermen. The vast majority of these people are generous and respectful stewards of the lakes, many of whom have come here for years, if not a lifetime, and who love the town of Ludlow and its beautiful lakes.

We urge everyone to reduce the acrimony, welcome everyone to the lakes, and work in more positive, productive ways to find solutions that will help build and connect our lake community and the town of Ludlow, not tear it apart. Thank you.


Barb Silver & Bruce Zanca

Co-presidents, Lake Rescue Association

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