LTE: Congrats Hakeem

To the editor,

The legislative season has begun. The Springfield Democratic Town Committee greets this new year with great hope and expectations for our Democratic leadership at the national, state, and local levels.

There has been a lot of shuffling and replacing of familiar faces and names. Our Congressman, Peter Welch, is now Senator Welch. Our Vt. Senate Pro Tem, Becca Balint, is now our Congresswoman. Almost all of our statewide offices are now led by new people. These familiar Vermonters have moved up to more responsibility and challenges. This is a good thing.

The committee is thrilled that Rep. Hakeem Jeffries is now the Democratic Party’s top leader in the U.S. House of Representatives. Right before he was elected to this leadership position, Jeffries declared, “House Democrats fight for the people. That’s our story. That’s our legacy. That’s our values. That’s our commitment.” The Springfield Democratic Town Committee, as well, is committed to our Democratic legacy and wishes Rep. Jeffries great success fighting for the people.

Vermont’s Congressional delegation has been a source of pride for many years and we expect that to continue. Like many in Vermont, the Springfield Committee will be watching and rooting for Rep. Becca Balint. She demonstrated her leadership skills as the Vermont Senate President Pro Tem and we expect her to use these skills well in congress on behalf of Vermonters. Sen. Bernie Sanders and former Congressman and newly elected Sen. Peter Welch will continue to work for Vermonters and the people of our country. Go team Vermont!

Montpelier may be the smallest state capitol in the U.S., but our legislators work diligently on our behalf. This year there will be many new faces in Montpelier, but the incumbents will be there to show them the ropes. Vermonters will have a combination of fresh perspectives and institutional wisdom at work for them in the legislature. This is also a good thing. Our legislators have a set of priorities to pursue for Vermonters, with childcare, housing, and the environment high on their list. You can be sure our town representatives, Alice Emmons and Kristi Morris, along with our three Windsor County Senators, Alison Clarkson, Dick McCormack, and newly elected Senator, Becca White, will use their experience to fight for us.

The Springfield Democratic Town Committee is confident our elected representatives and leaders will lead with dignity, stay focused on the issues, and make this world a better place.

Happy New Year!

Char Osterlund,

Chair, Springfield Democratic Town Committee

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