LTE a poem by Glenn Beatty

A Picture Frame of Vermont Beauty – a poem by Glenn Beatty


Walking among hearing gazing gleefully at natures charms

The green green green, pure green embracing arms…

Trees, a forest of, Trees! Each telling a tale IF we watch, touch, listen

Inside and inside out and outside in!


Oh, Glory!


Just GLORY in the blessing of peace as it covers protects massages your

spirit in their place where all and every obeys Gods laws because that is

simply the way it is. (That’s why it feels so good to be here.)


Oh, Glory!


Spellbound should we be as we “hear” her – his – stor-y and outwardly

glisten in the rush of beings: Infant, toddler, teen, smitten old-or-young-

buck, keen or un-aware, beautiful or not, flamboyant show-off, introvert,

extrovert, ignorant or




Each and every, immaculate-majestic-perfect-resplendent

Serving each other – a community interdependent,

a world of the selfless attentive standing

dawn to dusk shimmering engendering landing

in sunlight, unmoving, defiant and yet accepting all

Natures fully giving, root systems silently helping all grow tall

The olds’ nutrients passed to young as they fall.

Forever serving, crown of thorns proud, proud to show their age

W/ cut/severed limbs bent, dying/dead leaves, wounds of the warrior sage.

Full, standing tall, shimmering needles/leaves

Rain sun, Almighty God’s gift to earth pains… an ease.

Vermont, oh, Vermont, Bless all and every tree

That shades cool caresses us, brings peace to beings,

Magnificent, wondrous with the power to mystify, seeming

To conjure seemingly simple… but not so.

If we wake up, if we magnify micro to macro and back; plus

All joy, all wonder, all humanity, all amazement and finally and most

Importantly… they reflect all of us.

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