LTE: A letter about the Brown-Fuller Memorial Park in Bellows Falls

Dear Editor,

I wish to give a big thanks to the Bellows Falls Firemen and all other Fire Departments that have worked and contributed to the Memorial project honoring Terry and Dana plus all first responders and firemen forever.

This memorial park will forever be a place to stop and think about all the people that work and serve every day to our people.

I also wish to thank and congratulate the editors and producers of the outstanding history documentary “Call to Duty.” This film gives a historic story of a tragic night and hearing first-hand the memories of several firefighters.

I was pleased and proud that my daughter Karen and son Michael could be on hand for the dedication.

To all the workers to donated, many, many thanks.

God bless the park, and God bless the USA.


Dick Brown

Dunedin, Fla.

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