Londonderry non-binding article at Town Meeting

Dear Editor,

I wanted to update you on the good news about our awareness and development work on the legal cannabis future marketplace in our community in Londonderry, Vt.

We followed the letter of the law about having a non-binding article “warned” for Town Meeting. It must pass before our Selectboard for acceptance to be added to Town Meeting in the Town Warning document. We submitted more than the minimum number of signatures needed from Londonderry residents to present it to the Selectboard. After a brief, but robust, discussion, a unanimous vote was reached for the inclusion of the cannabis article as written and petitioned for. Ultimately, the Selectboard agreed that it is an important issue and that the subject should be known and given a platform in a place of constructive, public debate. The Londonderry Town meeting agenda or warning now includes the non-binding Article 18 that will be printed in the warning that will be distributed to every household in Londonderry.

We understand that this is an action that is outside of regular town business and that it was the Selectboard’s choice to list this article in the Londonderry Town Meeting March 3, 2020 to be discussed by the residents of Londonderry. We are very grateful for their service as town officers and their fostering democracy by allowing this political process to take its natural course in our rural village.

With this, we now have a great platform to educate our community and answer questions about legal cannabis in Vermont and the further evolution of S.54 as it bounces around the Chambers of the House. Please share this information and documents in anyway appropriate. We encourage everyone to make steps in the right direction for a truly prohibition-free Vermont!

To see the warning, go to


Emmett Dunbar

Joseph Markowski

Londonderry, Vt.

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