Listening and voting in 2020

Dear Editor,

Now is the time to begin paying attention to politics and start listening to the candidates who want to become president of the good ole’ USA in 2020.

Trust me. You will not have to spend all your time focusing on political news and the debates on your TV.

I’m a “TV channel flipper” who flips from CNN to many different shows – “The ZOO,” “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” PBS, “Unsolved Mysteries,” and “1,000 Plus Lies” – while still getting a good dose of political information.

Actually the TV show “1,000 Plus Lies” does not really exist on television. It’s only playing in the White House. In fact, its name may change to “2,000 Plus Lies” by next year. Just a little of my sarcasm thrown in here.

All candidates make promises. Some promises get done, some go unfulfilled because of the House or Senate opposition, and some are “outlandish lies” from the very beginning.

I am not very politically savvy, but I did recognize the “outlandish lies” in 2016 because I listened. Please start listening now, and vote in 2020.

You owe it to your children and grandchildren!


Linda Brown

Springfield, Vt.

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