A letter to all the voters of Springfield

Dear Editor,

I wish to extend my sincere thanks to the voters for coming to the polls Tuesday and taking part in the process. I also thank everyone for their support. Exciting things are happening; and I look forward to the expansion of the Comtu park, the streetscape project this summer, and the development of the Woolson Block and the former bakery building. Many other projects are on the horizon, and I hope to see them through to completion.

I can assure you that I will do everything I can to make Springfield a more vibrant community and will endeavor to increase the grand list, thereby lowering our tax rate. To do this, we must all work to make Springfield more attractive to businesses and residents alike and bring a variety of businesses into the community. It cannot be done by the select board alone; it will take a concerted effort by everyone. Please choose an organization or committee and step forward to help out in any way you can.

Again, my thanks to everyone.


Peter MacGillivray

Springfield Select Board

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