A letter from the taxpayers of Chester Bus 4

Dear Editor,

We, the parents and taxpayers of Bus #4 – the “Andover” school bus – want to make all of you aware of a disservice being done to the families who live in Andover, the outer edge of Chester, and Londonderry.

Since mid-April, there has been only sporadic school bus service to Andover, Londonderry, Potash Road and Route 11 to Chester. On some days the school has even neglected to notify us there wouldn’t be a bus, and many have been left just waiting at their bus stop for a bus that never came.

What is TRSU doing, you ask? Well, actually very little. Mr. Parah, the bus supervisor and Mr. Ripley, the associate principal, have pointed out that efforts are being made to hire a new driver. An ad in The Vermont Journal and a sign at the bottom of Green Mountain’s driveway is not, in our opinion, much of an effort. When asked why there aren’t ads in other media (like The Chester Telegraph), Mr. Ripley’s reply was “that is the District’s decision.” When asked why Mr. Parah, the supervisor, is not driving a bus himself (which historically has always been done and is the role of a supervisor), we received no response.

Many parents have offered pretty creative solutions and have not received a response to those suggestions, nor has any real action been taken to provide bus service to our students. This is unacceptable, and we are disappointed and outraged that nothing is being done. Below are solutions that have been offered up with no response:

  • Have a Chester bus make a second run to Andover to pick students up in the morning. We are willing to discuss temporary consolidation of stops, if that becomes necessary to make it more efficient.
  • Contract with the Current for bus service. Again, consolidation of stops could be discussed.
  • Lease two 15-passenger vans, no CDL required, which would open the possibility to additional job applicants.

Our children are challenged to think of creative solutions every day; why isn’t the administration in this district expected to do the same?

We have all paid our fair share of taxes, and we insist that our children receive the services we are paying for!

On behalf of all Bus 4 families,

Savannah and TC Gramling

Daire and Darcy Gibney

Elizabeth Houseman

Wes Williams

Bill and Jeanette Haight

Sean and Leanna Snyder

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