A letter from Dr. Dan Freilich for U.S. Congress

Dear Editor,

I hope everyone’s having a great spring. May and June are so perfect in New England. As the Vermont Primary Election is nearing, Aug. 14, 2018, I thought it would be good to share updates.

The most important update is that the campaign’s mission resonates with voters. In speeches and discussions, I typically concentrate on four topics:

1. Honor – That honor and integrity, putting others ahead of self, and ensuring equal treatment of all by minimizing conflicts of interest, are critical for effective leadership. Thus, at a minimum, elected officials should refrain from raising money for their elections from special interests to ensure being unbiased brokers.

2. Equity – That conflicts of interest by Democratic elected officials due to the taking of campaign contributions from special interests preclude so many of them from avidly and effectively advocating for correction of our societal inequities, whether political (campaign finance reform), economic (income and wealth inequality), healthcare (Medicare for All), or environmental (climate change).

3. Vermont – That Vermont values of extraordinary commitment to communalism, civic engagement, and caring for others and the environment, should be spread more widely by maximizing the bully pulpit of our Congressional delegation. And that economic revitalization of our state includes attracting young families to move into the state by being a political, civic, health care, and environmental leader.

4. Busting a bubble – That advocacy for reform necessitates explaining why reform is needed. And hence, exposing the incumbent’s (legal) corruption (busting the bubble) is vital for Vermont (to know the full truth).

We have been canvassing and interviewing widely throughout the state, speaking at Democratic Party and other advocacy events, and getting good press. The Washington Post recently reported about conflicts of interest of many Congressmen regarding opioid policies including the incumbent I’m challenging. Vermont’s press dug deeper about these conflicts, giving an extra shot in the arm for the campaign by exemplifying vividly why the reform I’m advocating for is critically needed. Links to press articles, interviews, and letters/opinions are available on our website at www.drdanforcongress.com/media/in-the-news.

Last week was momentous for the campaign because we formally submitted our petition and consent forms and the required number of signatures from registered voters so we are now officially on the ballot. Additionally, a fantastic team of a dozen paid college student interns started this week, focusing on old-fashioned shoe leather canvassing, modern social media, traditional media, and other campaign activities. They are so bright, energetic, full of the right values, creative, and industrious and are already making a huge impact on the campaign’s throughput towards winning.

Thank you so much for your support throughout this campaign. And apologies for being inadequately in touch during this busy year.

Take care.

Dan Freilich

Brownsville, Vt.

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