Legislators should focus on our state

Dear Editor,

Vermonters would be far better served if our local legislative representatives focused on what is happening in this state, rather than the lunatic asylum that is Washington, D.C. We face a whole array of really big problems right here at home. Much of our road and bridge infrastructure is in disrepair. Almost weekly we hear about raw human and animal sewage overflowing into our rivers and streams. The heroin and opiate epidemic continues to devastate our communities. Our rural schools are facing imminent forced closure at the hands of the governor and the state Board of Education. The state has nearly 5 billion dollars in unfunded teacher pension liabilities and working families are being driven out of the state by brutal taxation.

Yet with all of these pressing issues, our local state representative, following the lead of our Democrat congressional delegation, spews forth a venomous diatribe in response to the Senate confirmation hearing of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. On Sept. 28, at 1:08 p.m. State Representative Annmarie Christensen (D) in a fit of rage, posted on Facebook: “I am getting ready to go door to door but am afraid if I run into a Trumpet [Trump supporter] I will rip their head off. I need to calm down.”

Yes, Annemarie, you need calm down, and you need to step down from your position as State Representative. Six hundred fourty-seven of Annemarie Christensen’s constituents in Weathersfield voted for Trump. Two hundred fifty-two of her constituents in Cavendish voted for Trump. Are these constituents to believe that they are going to get unbiased representation from Annmarie Christensen when she openly claims to have violent intentions toward them? I highly doubt it.

Regardless of what her personal political feelings may be, our state representatives are supposed to represent all of us within the parameters set forth in the Vermont Constitution. The residents of Cavendish and Weathersfield deserve better.


Scott Ranney

Cavendish, Vt.

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