League of Women Voters supports mail-in voting

Dear Editor,

The League of Women Voters of Vermont supports every citizen’s right to vote in a safe and secure manner. It is our position that Vermont should be among the 20-plus states that are proactively mailing ballot materials to voters for the general election. Requiring voters to come together in large numbers at polling places this fall seems unwise and unnecessary.

We are asking Gov. Phil Scott to approve the Secretary of State’s plan for mail-in voting for the 2020 election cycle due to the COVID-19 pandemic – postponing the decision to enact voting by mail until after the August primary is impractical. It leaves insufficient time for the Secretary of State’s office to ramp up the infrastructure capabilities necessary to handle the onrush of mail-in voting and roll out a voter education component.

We thank Gov. Scott for his excellent leadership during these challenging times and trust he will accept the Secretary of State’s recommendation because it is critical Vermonters have the ability to vote safely.


Sue Racanelli

League of Women Voters of Vermont

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