Jim Hasson thanks community for 95th birthday celebration

Dear Editor,

To all who shared my 95th birthday celebration on March 7, 2021: the motorcade, onlookers, friends and family members were an absolute surprise to me, thanks to my daughter Julie, Mrs. Alex Racicot, Jennifer Harper, and all who arranged the many details with amazing secrecy.

Thanks to the firefighters from Cavendish, Proctorsville, and Ludlow, the teachers and students with all the handmade greetings – I received hundreds of cards. I’m humbled by the sentimental comments and I laughed at the amusing ones.

Chief Mark Fountain of the Springfield Police Department, his wife, and daughter honored me with their presence. I had a telephone call from a man that served with me in Vietnam 60 years ago. He saw the parade on Facebook in Germany! A friend’s daughter wrote from southern France.

My prayer is that all your birthdays will be as enjoyable and as full of love and laughs. Be well. Be happy. Thank you.


Jim Hasson

Cavendish, Vt.

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