It’s time to lower drug prices

Dear Editor,

The elderly and infirm are the most vulnerable targets of over-priced drugs. The majority of them are forced to make due with – hopefully – Social Security, which in too many cases barely covers modest living expenses. Far too often, decisions have to be made whether to buy food or heating fuel or to purchase the medication(s) needed to maintain their health. In some instances, these drugs literally mean life or death.

This price gouging by Big Pharma needs to end now. How many of our elected officials stuff their campaign war chests with money from the industrial complex – especially pharmaceuticals – and instead of voting for the people they represent, vote instead to keep those dollars rolling in? Action needs to be taken now before more of our most vulnerable citizens perish.

Our elected officials need to remember that this is supposed to be a government of, by, and for the people. And despite the fact that our highest court in the land has determined that corporations be treated as people, they are not! People tend to care about others. Corporations only concern is the bottom line.

We need to flood our representatives with any means of communication available. And when I say “our” I don’t mean any other legislators than those that represent us. California or Pennsylvania representatives don’t give a hoot about us Vermonters. We don’t vote for them. Please contact our three Congressmen now to vote against high drug costs.


Leslie Lee

Fairlee, Vt.

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