It takes a village

Dear Editor,

On Tuesday, Feb. 9, I headed to Ludlow from Mount Holly for a haircut and in the process my battery warning light came on, then the brake light and then my car slowly died. I made it just to the Ludlow side of the lights at Route 100 North.

First, a kind lady checked to make sure I was okay. I had called my husband and as he drove up so did our very dear friend, Eric Rossier, returning from the Cape in his hay truck – and Chief Billings as well! The chief called Benny’s Towing in Chester and my husband and I drove to Tony’s Auto Service Center to arrange things; he figured the problem was my alternator and said he’d take my car.

When we returned to my little RAV4, Benny arrived, loaded my car, and hubby and I did a little grocery shopping, including wine, which at that point we needed! When I called Tony the next day to give him my phone number, he said my car was all done! I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. And to top it all off, my hairdresser Paula had a cancellation and I got in on Thursday!

I love living in a rural area in such a wonderful, caring state. Vermont and her people are The Greatest! Thanks to all for making my breakdown a positive experience!


Marilyn Roberts

Belmont, Vt.

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