In support of Gary Derosia and Rockingham Recycling Center

Dear Editor,

I am writing in support of Gary Derosia, Rockingham Recycling coordinator for the last 20 years. The Rockingham acting Town Manager Chuck Wise charged a private committee with reviewing the Recycling Center’s operations. The result was a cursory one-page report that was grossly disrespectful to Gary and his leadership. Gary, also vice-chairman of the Executive Committee of the Southern Windham/Windsor County Waste Management District, was not consulted or interviewed for the report.

Gary has tirelessly worked to create and grow the Rockingham Recycling Center to the resourceful, resilient community fixture that it is today. Our acting town manager seems to have a misunderstanding of Gary’s leadership and integrity, as well as of the fixture that he and the center have become in our community. Alienating him and his many volunteers will not in any way be a benefit to the center or to our community’s recycling efforts.

On top of his 20 years of committed service, Gary has most recently navigated the Rockingham Recycling Center through the COVID-19 pandemic, seamlessly adapting the center’s procedures for safety, while adding in a whole new system for food scraps per Vermont state law.

I would ask that the acting town manager exercise strong leadership and look more deeply into the dilemma. This chain of events is a lose-lose proposition. We have lost Gary’s strong leadership, the time of many volunteers, and our faith in the local government system. You, Mr. Wise, have the power to mend this situation. Please reach out to Gary and his team to build a bridge, in order to move forward for our community Recycling Center. Now is absolutely not the time to be losing our most informed and gifted community leaders!


Berta Martin

Saxtons River, Vt.

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