The Green Mountain Party for common politics

Dear Editor,

Are you at all frustrated with the political direction Vermont is currently on? If so read on, a group of us have formed the Green Mountain Party to address the concerns of so many in Vermont that is being ignored. Check the link to our party:

Term limits are eight years or two terms, whichever is longer. It’s standard for our party, and we’d push the state to adopt this from select boards to the Governor.

Our seven-point plan is directed at the following:

1. Ethics – Bring our D- to an A+. Give our ethics commission some money to operate, investigatory powers, and enforcement powers. This alone will save us millions and increase efficiency by multiples.

2. Take big money influence out of state government – We’d tax out of state lobbyists, PAC money heavily. PAC money is just legalized bribery funding propaganda and enriching those who peddle the propaganda. We don’t need billionaires running our state. Soros, Koch, Bloomberg. Pick your billionaire, we don’t need them, they don’t even live here.

3. Stop the gross negligence with our tax money – We aim to improve schooling and healthcare, just a few years ago we were 25 percent and 30 percent cheaper than today. It’ll be easy when citizens work together, and we ignore the lobbyists.

4. Drugs – Our approach has failed on almost every attempt. We need a concerted focus, multipronged strategy to get this scourge from ruining our society further. Crack babies being born every day in Vermont is just something that doesn’t work for anyone.

5. Jobs – We have a climate that is not conducive or friendly toward business development and growth. We need a good education for our citizens. We need business education.

6. Schools – We can do better, and for far less money. The state is gutting our communities and taking control of our towns. Lobbyists have the most power in our state. We can provide a quality college education for 70 percent less than the universities through use of state certified college-level educators and community building use.

7. Homes – Our current regulatory climate is abusive to anyone earning an average wage. We can efficiently provide an affordable house for less than $600 per month, the cost to rent a studio apartment. Three bedrooms, 1,000 square feet; six homes to an acre. We only have to allow and encourage it. No subsidies and no tax money are needed, just a willing heart.

Regular politicians will tell you this is the most important election coming up. We’ll suggest you’ll get more of the same next year and the year after. Want our system to change? Help us organize in your town so we can be a significant party in 2018. It only takes 3-4 people and about 15 minutes.

Does this interest you? Please help us come to your town. We need more towns organized by Jan. 1, 2018. Help change Vermont in a positive direction. Contact us now at 802-496-4470 or



Neil Johnson

State chair, Green Mountain Party

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