Dear Iron Adventure Run Friends,

On behalf of Black River Good Neighbor Services, I would like to thank you all very much! Your recent generous donation of food helps to ensure that folks in our community who struggle to meet basic needs have enough food.

We believe in the potential of each individual, and try to be a positive part of helping them reach it. It really doesn’t matter why someone is hungry. Food is part of the solution, and we give it without judgment because having enough nourishment to promote physical, mental, and spiritual health is essential for our success as a community.

Together, we help stabilize families by assisting them in covering one of their basic needs. We do this with respect and kindness, and of course with food. There is no good reason for anyone to go hungry. Again, thank you for being part of nourishing our community!


With gratitude,

Krey Kellington

Food Program Administrator

Black River Good Neighbor Services


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