Dear Editor, 47 Union St House

Please support the school district’s request to purchase the house at 47 Union Street in Springfield. This is the blue building located between the driveways entering and leaving Union Street Elementary School. The plan is to remove the building and landscape the property.

We need to protect the health and safety of our children. There have been 43 police calls at this house in the last 15 months including weapons offense, burglary, assault, wanted person, and other bad things. We need to remove or rehabilitate blighted properties in order to improve our property values. We need to improve the appearance of the neighborhoods where schools are located in order to attract young families to move here and help our town to prosper.

The purchase of this property will not increase your taxes. 100 percent of the money for the purchase will come from the recent sale of East School.

We can’t allow this building to go into the hands of another absentee landlord who does not care about who stays there, what bad activities go on there, or how poorly the place is maintained.

Efforts by the Selectboard to improve neighborhoods are starting to have an effect. The blight ordinance is being enforced and properties are being cleaned up. A new zoning rule will go into effect on November 14 that will regulate and put restrictions on rooming houses, including where they can be located, and how they must be maintained.

We can make our neighborhoods attractive and friendly again. Help the School Board to get rid of this house by voting YES ON ARTICLE ONE!  Thank you.


Walter Martone


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