COVID-19 and us

Dear Editor,

By now we all know the World Health Organization and the CDC have declared the coronavirus a pandemic. We know the correct actions to take: Wash your hands, avoid gathering in large groups, isolate yourself if you have symptoms, contact your healthcare provider via phone if you suspect you may be infected, etc., etc. Nationally, we have taken steps and are moving quickly to decrease the severity of the outbreak.

In Springfield and the surrounding communities, we have a very good healthcare structure to get through this situation. Our hospital, the clinics, and all healthcare workers are well versed in how to handle this situation. We have a local radio station, newspaper, TV, and internet to keep us informed. We have a strong town structure and intelligent educators to handle their responsibilities.

The most accurate data is probably coming out of South Korea where they have done very large testing. Their statistics show a .007% mortality rate. That is seven-tenths of 1%. Higher than the common flu, but not nearly as high as smaller samples are showing. We will see higher infection numbers as the virus runs its course.

Stay calm, logical, and clean. Have faith in our leaders, our society, and our healthcare workers. Sunday was a National Day of Prayer. We’ve got this! We are Americans!


Gerald R. Mittica

‪Springfield, Vt.

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