Concerned resident of Lovers Lane in Chester

Dear Editor,

I am writing this letter on behalf of the concerned residents of Lovers Lane. The condescending and disingenuous tone that the Town of Chester is taking in regard to the proposed purchase of the Tomasso property is both alarming and insulting. So, let’s cut through the bull!

While the backers and proponents of this idea would have you believe that this is in the town and the community’s best interests, let me assure you that it is not. First, there is the price of the property. The nearly 2,000-acre tract of land currently owned by the Tomasso family is on the market for around three million dollars. The question we need to be asking our Selectboard members is how can it be that this purchase is financially responsible? Another question we must ask our Selectboard is when did it become the business of the town to actively seek financial backing to acquire private property?

While some in our community foam at the mouth at the chance to desecrate a small part of the natural world, I find the boldface attempt by the Selectboard and their external moneyed interests to deceive and obfuscate their true intentions sickening. The property in question has vast resources for both timber extraction and wind turbine construction. The residents of Chester need to dispel the notion that these private entities have nothing but altruistic motives in their hearts, heroically riding in to save the day, when in fact they are clearly motivated by material gains.

Despite the claims made by proponents of this purchase lauding the benefits and supposed positive outcomes, the reality is this: Lovers Lane cannot sustain additional traffic. Lovers Lane is a one lane, narrow, winding dirt road, which requires the driver’s full attention and often should not be driven on by the inexperienced. Additionally, anyone who sees this as a way of preserving the natural state of the forest should take note that by opening this land up to be torn apart by mountain bikes and inconsiderate tourists, not to mention possible logging or Wind programs, will destroy this habitat. Most importantly, we must ask ourselves what the true motivations of the Selectboard and their moneyed interests are? When the Selectboard and their cronies are willing to honestly listen to the legitimate concerns of the residents of this community, perhaps we can consider their fantasies.


Henry Dent

Chester, Vt.

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